Chapter Activities and Projects

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Captain John Oldham Chapter

Community Classroom 

Our Community Classroom committee, joining together our DAR community and local classrooms, is volunteering in 2 area schools. One is Grass Valley’s Chicago Park Elementary, the other is Penn Valley’s Ready Springs Elementary.

Chapter member Joanne Sweeney has been our hard-working volunteer at Chicago Park Elementary every week in Mrs. Cimino’s 8th Grade Language Arts class, working with small groups of students in 20-minute rotations. Also, busy volunteering at Ready Springs Elementary 2 days every week are Chapter members Valerie Yates, Mary O’Brien and Sally Ramsey. It’s such an “easy gig” too, just 30 mins working Math facts or correcting Timed Math tests with the 2nd Graders. All volunteers are loving our time getting to know and helping these great kids!

Our Community Classroom is still, and every month, welcoming donated school supplies and has our donation box at every meeting to collect those. Captain John Oldham Community Classroom Committee has already donated approximately 8 grocery-size bags of school supplies to these two schools since Fall 2018. Words do not express how much these items are appreciated by these hard-working teachers and Super Great kids!

The short list of always needed items include: Crayola colored markers (fine tip too), eraser tips, erasers, copy paper packs, Elmer’s glue sticks, Ticonderoga #2 pencils, and Crayola Crayons.

To volunteer or donate contact;

Sally Ramsey,

Community Classroom Chair